Frequently Asked Questions

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  • Is there a time limit in the free package?

    In short, no. There is no time limit in the free version, you can use as much as you want. Your account may be closed if abuse is detected

  • Is there a limit in the customer guide?

    The guide system is unlimited, including free packages. You can add unlimited contacts to the contacts system and pair them with your Mobile devices.


  • Is there a website setup process?

    Your website is set up automatically and you do not pay any processing fees. The website only works on the domain name. You need to redirect your domain name to our name servers.

  • How is domain setup done?

    Simply redirect your domain name to our "" and "" nameservers.

  • Is our data secure?

    All our servers are backed up every 24 hours.

  • Can I change my domain later?

    You can change the domain name of your website once a month. All your information will be protected and any data loss is out of the question. This process takes no more than 1 minute.


  • I have problems with the product how can I contact?

    You can contact us through our Live Support line which is open 24 hours in your customer panel.


  • Do you do search engine optimization (SEO)?

    It is designed according to general SEO rules for all your website themes. Optimized for high speed.

  • Is there SSL support for the website?

    Your free SSL certificate will be activated with your domain name redirect.

  • Can I use the admin panel on my domain?

    Yes, Emlak PRO is designed to work on different domain names due to its infrastructure. You can use all features on your own domain.

  • Can I cancel my subscription?

    We always try to help with your problems, but if you still want to cancel, you can do so from your client panel.

  • What is a Portfolio Sharing System?

    Your portfolios are shared with other businesses near you using limited information. Other businesses interested in your portfolio can reach you quickly and speed up the sales process.

  • What is Google Places integration?

    It is used to pair contacts to mobile devices so that your Customer Guide is always with you.

  • What is Automatic Contract?

    An automatic contract creation feature that you can use to create a Rental/Sales contract between the Buyer and the Seller.

  • What is real-time search?

    It is a browser-based search system to quickly access your portfolio, contacts and ads. Allows you to get results in less than 0.3 seconds.

  • Can I add Portfolio/Adverts over the phone?

    All infrastructure of Emlak PRO has been developed with mobile support. You can add portfolio / ads from all platforms.


  • What are the payment methods?

    We offer Credit/Debit Card, Wire Transfer/EFT options for payment methods.

  • Are you sending an invoice?

    Your invoices are arranged and sent according to your invoice information in our system in the first week of each month.

  • When are wire transfer / EFT payments processed?

    You need to notify us about the transfer / EFT payments from the Support Center. Transactions are completed within 30 minutes at the latest.

  • Can I switch to a high or lower package later?

    Yes, you can change the package at any time.

  • How payment security is provided?

    For all payments made by credit card, we receive services from the BDDK licensed payment institution. We do not hold any card data.