Real Estate Tracking Program

Real estate tracking program increases your sales and makes tracking easier by matching your customers portfolios and buyer customers

Real Estate Tracking Program Everywhere

Create your portfolio in seconds with our cloud-based application and accelerate your sales to include in the real estate pool. Track the status of all your portfolios with real estate tracking program.
emlakPRO App Dashboard
Real Time Search

You can search your portfolios and portfolios around you in less than 0.3 seconds.

Mobile Supported

You can create, list, and use other management operations from any platform.

Reminder Notes

You can create notes that are displayed only for you and you can store your critical information in this area.


Real Estate Pool System

Real estate tracking program increases your sales by at least 40% by using EmlakPRO's own real estate pool system. Your portfolios are shared with other businesses near you using limited information.

Real Estate Search Engine

If you do not have the portfolio your customer demands, create a new demand. You will be notified automatically if a portfolio that matches the demand you have created in you and other businesses is found. You won't have to constantly look for portfolio.

Needs-Oriented Development

The development of emlakPRO interface has been made entirely with you real estate users in mind. The most basic features you need are designed to provide the fastest access. You can create customer, portfolio and classifieds in just 1 minute.


High Quality Picture
Your portfolio images are optimized in Full HD. You can view to the finest details.
You can advertise your brand by automatically adding your own logo on the images.
Video Content
You can make your ads more functional by adding video content to your portfolios.
Automatic Contract
You can automatically create a sales and rental agreement.
Special Notes
You can add private confidential notes to portfolios, only you can view critical data.
Submit Link
You can send your Property/Portfolio public address to your customers via e-mail or Whatsapp.

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